C.  Setting up your security.

***WHITELIST>>>WIPE>>>CONFIRM***** Its best to do this upon beginning your rental to ensure no names were left behind from the last tenant.
***Your security is off until you turn it on.****

Touch the lock sign in your rental to begin.
MODE>>ALL (ejects anyone not one the whitelist)
MODE>>BLACKLIST (ejects anyone on the blacklist)
MODE>>SCAN (the security is a radar is essentially not on)
MODE>>OFF (the security is off)
WHITELIST>>ADD or WHITELIST>>ADD NEARBY (to add people to the whitelist..make sure to add Resident on the end of 1 word names all SL names are 2 parts so if there isn’t a second part it is Resident. Also use only legend names display names are not valid.)
BLACKLIST>>ADD or BLACKLIST>>ADD NEARBY (this will eject any unwanted people from your rental if you have the security on the right mode, THE SECURITY HAS TO BE ON FOR THIS TO WORK, same concepts of names apply as with the whitelist.)
****If you do not get a menu check the instruction A.
****If you followed instruction A and still do not get a menu go to the main office and page Jamielee Larnia for help.