Only the person who originally procured the rental can send group invites. This ability is not passed on to partners.
To send a group invite to a friend, partner or yourself
1. Have the person you intend to invite stand in front of the rental box.
2. The main tenant (first person to pay the rental box) touch the rental box and from the menu choose INVITE.
3. NEW PARNTER>>>>>>>>>Adds a partner to the rental box and gives them access to the security.
NEW GUEST>>>>>>>>>>Gives selected person a group invite only.
MYSELF>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sends the main tenant a group invite. (Do not continue to #4)
4. The next menu will give you a list of names of people you can send an invite to.
*****How to remove people from the group.**********
1. Touch the rental box.
2. From the menu choose LIST. (In local chat you will see a list of residents you’ve invited to the group.)
3. Touch the rental box again and from the menu choose EJECT, in local chat you’ll be prompted to enter the residents name you wish to eject from the group.